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No-Fault Law

Insurance Law

With over 30 years of no fault experience between them, the partners at Irwin & Streiner LLC can handle any issues relating to Insurance Law Article 51. From issues regarding claims submission to Denial of Claim Forms, we are uniquely qualified to advise on and represent a client on every issue related to the no-fault law. We are unmatched in experience and quality of representation for our clients. Irwin & Streiner LLC represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants in arbitration hearings as well as District, Civil, and State Courts of Nassau and Suffolk County. We also appear in every court in the City of New York, including Queens, Kings, Bronx, New York, and Richmond Counties. The partners also have vast experience representing clients at the Appellate level and have participated in appeals before the Appellate Term, Appellate Division, and The Court of Appeals.


Guardianships are a formal legal arrangement granted by a court that gives another person the legal rights to act on behalf of incapacitated individuals who are not able to care for themselves


Our team has years of experience with difficult and complex Guardianship cases.  We understand the difficulties of long-term planning and strive to provide our clients with the best balance between immediate results and long term goals.  We are able to coordinate government benefits and to establish beneficial Trusts when appropriate.  We value and respect the wards dignity and strive to provide the safest and least restrictive form of Guardianship.


We will help protect your loved ones from physical and financial abuse and help secure a comfortable and safe future.  



Article 81

Personal Injury

Slip and Fall, Motor Vehicle Accident, Property Damage, Wrongful Death, Malpractice

Here at Irwin and Streiner we have vast experience with all forms of Personal Injury matters.  We have represented clients in the State Supreme Courts as well as the Federal Courts on Personal Inury cases including falls, car accidents, Law Enforcement excessive force cases and Medical and Dental malpractice cases.  


We handle every case and every client with the respect and care they deserve.  We keep in communication with our clients via text, phone calls, emails and letters and provide updates at every stage of litigation. 


Medical and Dental malpractice is any act by a health care provider that deviates from accepted standards of medical care and results in the personal injury, disability, or wrongful death of a patient. Irwin & Streiner LLC's experience with this practice area is extensive and we are prepared to advocate agressively and passionately for our clients in this time of need.

Real Estate

Real Estate transactions require representation that pays close attention to detail and provides clients with the time and attention that they deserve. Irwin & Streiner is prepared to facilitate all of your real estate transactions and matters. We represent Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, and other entities with their individualized real estate needs with ensuring all parties understand the processes and their rights.

Buyer, Seller, Lender

Family Law

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Irwin & Streiner understands the difficulties that you can face dealing with Family Court matters. We are here to guide, support, and provide professional help in these situations. Mediation is a great tool to complete divorces civily and seamlessly.  We have extensive experience in the Supreme, and Family Courts and can help create a fair and lasting agreement on property and support issues that will create the framework for a positive post marriage experience.  


We know this is a difficult time both emotionally and financially for you and your family.  We strive to make this process as efficient and affordable as possible in a safe and respectful environment.